Friday 11th, August 2017

Breckenridge, Colorado

“Life is good and I really cannot complain too much…No one would listen!!”

Well I thought it was about time to start my Blog Post again. I think the last one was back in December 2016…Way too long to let it go. I am in Breckenridge Colorado – living in the RV for a few weeks while I get in a couple of days of trail running in preparation for the Run Rabbit Run 100. I have never done the 100 mile distance but I am hoping that the high altitude training and trail running that I do in the next couple of weeks will put me in good shape to finish this distance.

Met a guy on the trail the other day that has done this distance multi times. His advice was to take it really slow to start – to truly “run my race – besides at your age who are you racing against?” Kind of funny but this really hits home. I known this was the truth but the way Rick said it really took it to another level for me. I realize that I needed to go out as if I am going for a long walk/run and I am only interested, really only interested, in how far I can go. To walk/run at a pace that is enjoyable…to keep the breathing and heart rate down. To be mindful, really mindful of how much huffing and puffing I am doing climbing the mountain.

Rick reminded me that the 100 mile distance is a “long way and the real race so to speak does not start until after the first 50 miles.”  After doing the 50 mile distance 5 times now in races…I think that is really good advice.  Well that is probably about it for now. Hope you enjoy the trail porn and maybe I will see you out there on the trail!!

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